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Play Streaming with your Portable SmartCam
Play Streaming with your Portable SmartCam

All the setup and steps you need to undertake before streaming with your Portable SmartCam

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You can now bring viewers to your away games through broadcasting with our Portable SmartCam. By completing the following steps, you'll be ready to stream to viewers from where ever you are

DISCLAIMER: It is important to have a stable network connection of at least 10mbps in order to Play stream via the Portable SmartCam. Without this, viewers will experience buffering, delay and a freezing stream.


1. Requirements to Stream

In order to use your Portable SmartCam for streaming with Spiideo Play, you must have the following predetermined:

  • A Spiideo Play account with agreement completed

  • A stable network connection of 10mbps (slower network speeds may cause buffering for viewers)

  • Have recorded via the Portable SmartCam before and be familiar with our Complete Guide on the device

To setup your Play account and agreement, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager via email or the support chat.

2. Setup your Portable SmartCam

In order to begin your Play broadcast, you must first connect and calibrate your Portable SmartCam. To do this, first setup the camera unit and stand as you normally would and switch to your Play account in the iOS app.

Once in your Play account, you will see all Portable SmartCams that your account has access to. At this point, your camera should be:

  • Plugged in from box to camera and powered on

  • Mounted on your tripod but NOT elevated yet

Click 'Connect' for the camera you wish to broadcast from to get started with the setup process

This network connection process is the same as connecting the Portable SmartCam for a Perform recording. If you encounter trouble establishing a connection, refer to the complete guide here

Once connected, you will see a screen that looks similar to the following (depending on your network connection type)

At this point, your Portable SmartCam should be:

  • Connected to your chosen network

  • Elevated to the appropriate height

    • Maximum: 6 meters

    • Recommended: 5 meters

    • In windy conditions: 3 meters

Return to the main menu via the 'Pitch Setup' button in the top left and select 'Calibrate' for your now connected Portable SmartCam.

Here is a short video on how you should calibrate the field in case you need a refresher.

Once successfully calibrated, you are now ready to begin your broadcast

3. Schedule or Begin your Broadcast

To stream to viewers, you must start the Play broadcast via the Spiideo Play web. You have two options:

  1. Schedule a broadcast in advance (Portable SmartCam must be connected and calibrated before scheduled time)

  2. Manually start a broadcast once the Portable SmartCam is connected and calibrated

Both options are completed via the 'Broadcasts' tab in Spiideo Play. If you need further information on creating a Play broadcast, you can read here

To select your Portable SmartCam, find it in the 'Arena' drop down menu in Step 2 of the broadcast creation process

Once your broadcast begins, the LED on the side of your camera will turn red. You can then manage your stream like any other Play broadcast via the monitoring menu and CloudStudio.

If you have any further questions that aren't answered in this article, please reach out to support via the chat!

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