Portable SmartCam (FAQ)

These are most frequent asked questions about your Portable SmartCam

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Portable SmartCam Specifications

How long is the total recording time from full charge?

The battery will last for roughly 4 hours of recording time on a full charge

What weather can the Portable SmartCam record in?

The camera can record in temperatures of -20° to 40° and up to 100% humidity. It is advised that the battery isn't charged in temperatures below 0°

What is the camera lens quality?

Our Portable SmartCam comes with a 3 x 5 MP Camera with a resolution 5120 x 2560. The camera has a Horizontal view range of 180° and a Vertical view range of 90°

How much footage can the Portable SmartCam store?

The SD card inside the camera is 64GB. This means it can roughly store 5-6 hours of recorded footage without uploading

How long for a full battery charge?

The camera will take approximately 4 hours to fully charge. A full charge is shown by a blue/green light on the charger

What do the router lights mean?
You can read all about what the router lights indicate here

Recording and Streaming

How does the camera upload?

The camera will upload as long as it has network connection and footage to upload. This can happen as you are recording or if the connection is too slow, when you connect to a faster network

Can I record offline?

You will need to bring the camera and router online to begin a recording. If the camera loses network connection, it will continue to record and store footage on the camera SD card until it is connected to a network and can upload

Can anyone on my account use the Portable SmartCam?

As long as the user has recording access for the Portable SmartCam scene, they can start a recording

Can I start a Spiideo Perform recording from the web browser?

No you cannot. The Portable SmartCam must be used via the iOS app

Can I live stream games on Spiideo Play using the Portable SmartCam?

Yes you can! Read how to here

I recorded for 3 hours but it says there's only 3 minutes available?

Sometimes the connection was not strong enough to upload the footage to the Spiideo Cloud. Your footage has most likely been recorded and is currently stored in the camera. Please connect your Portable SmartCam to the network and allow the footage to be uploaded.

Portable SmartCam Usage

Can the camera film and be on charge at the same time?


Will the camera be able to charge with a power bank?

With an adaptor for the charger, yes. Although this is not something we support

Can I use the sim card from my cell phone?

This depends on your region/country. We recommend reading this article and asking your sales manager if you have any concerns

How much data does a recording use?
The amount of data used will vary depending on mounting location, height, lighting and field size. We suggest your data plan should support 5GB per hour of recording.

What happens when there is water or dirt on the lens?

Dirt can be removed with a soft cloth and soapy, warm water. Water can be dried from the lens with a soft towel. We do not provide hydrophobic repellent for the camera lens but these can be used and we appreciate hearing your experience with this

My Portable SmartCam went offline during the recording, can the recording be saved?

If the Portable SmartCam lost network connection during the recording, it will have continued recording. You can reconnect to the network to stop the recording (it will automatically stop after 3.5 hours) and to upload the remaining footage. If the Portable SmartCam lost power, it won't have recorded and the footage is sadly lost

Weather conditions aren't great and it is windy, can I use the Portable SmartCam?
Yes, the Portable SmartCam can still be used. However, we do recommend that you mount the camera at a maximum of 3 meters when windy to reduce sway of the camera

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