Connect your Portable SmartCam via WiFi

How to connect your Portable SmartCam to a WiFi network

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Good to know:

  • Our Portable SmartCam is unable to connect to a WiFi network that has a login web page (EG: Hotel WiFi, public WiFi, Airplane WiFi)

  • If you are on a campus WiFi, you should ensure you only connect to one access point and forget all other access points

  • You should make sure your networks firewall is open for the Portable SmartCam. You can read about the required permissions here

Connection process:

Step 1: Open Portable SmartCam Setup menu and connect

Open the 'hamburger menu' in the top left and choose 'Portable SmartCam Setup

Choose the Portable SmartCam you are connecting from the list

Accept/give permission to any first-time-use requests that appear and then press 'OK'

Join your iOS device to the local network of the router by pressing 'Join'

Click on the 'Internet Settings' menu to open the cameras network preferences

You can now:

  • Select the network you wish to connect to

  • Enter any relevant password

  • The router will then configure and connect to this WiFi network

You are now connected to your WiFi network and ready to calibrate

Step 2: Run a speed test

Press 'New +'

Make sure you have selected the Portable SmartCam scene, then press 'Speed Test'

Press 'Start' to begin the speed test. You will get a rating of:

  • Good - Network strength is good for live upload

  • Suboptimal - You may encounter delays in upload and live playback

  • Bad - Will encounter delays in upload and live playback

Have further questions or getting stuck in the connection process? Take a look at the Portable SmartCam help section for specific troubleshooting steps!

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