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Troubleshooting WiFi Connection Issues

Common issues when connecting via WiFi

Updated over a week ago

If you are connecting via WiFi and are having trouble connecting the Portable SmartCam to the internet or Spiideo cloud, please try the following points in order to troubleshoot:

  • Confirm you can connect other devices to the WiFi network

  • Confirm your WiFi network is giving off a 2.4ghz band. Our router can only connect to 2.4ghz WiFi bands

  • Has the password for your WiFi network been entered correctly?

  • Make sure you have opened your firewall with these parameters

  • Make sure you are not connecting to a network with a login page as the Portable SmartCam cannot connect via a webpage. Commonly, these include:

    • Schools and Universities

    • Shopping centres

    • Hotels

    • Airplanes

  • Run a speedtest to confirm there is enough bandwidth available? The Portable SmartCam needs at least 15mbps for a stable connection

  • If connecting on a school campus, check for multiple access points in the 'Portable SmartCam Setup' menu > 'Internet Settings' > 'WiFi' menu. You should forget any saved access points and connect to the strongest

Still having issue using WiFi? Please reach out to support!

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