Troubleshooting 4G SIM Connection Issues

Common issues when connecting via 4G SIM

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If you are connecting via a 4G SIM and are having trouble connecting the Portable SmartCam to the internet or Spiideo cloud, please try the following points in order to troubleshoot:

  • Test the SIM in a mobile, make sure it is activated before using in the Portable Smartcam router

  • Enter any pin on the SIM card via the 'Internet Settings' > SIM slot in the Portable SmartCam Setup menu

  • Make sure you are using the correct size SIM card. Our router requires a 2FF size SIM card

  • Make sure the cover for the SIM slot has been secured correctly with both screws tightened

  • Check the connection lights on the router. Ideal 4G connection is 4 bars, 2 bars and below will cause a problematic connection

  • Confirm the SIM data limit has not been reached and that there is data still available

APN Issue: 'CPPM failed: carrier reject'

If you are unable to receive a 4G signal and connect to the internet, you may receive this error:

You need to configure your APN settings. This should be automatic most of the time but could need adjusting in situations where you:

  • Use the Portable SmartCam in different country to the SIM card origin

  • Use a new SIM card for the first time

To find your SIM APN, you can search on your data providers website.

Enter your APN:

Press 'Internet Settings' in the 'Portable SmartCam Setup' menu

Choose the SIM slot for your SIM

Here you can:

  • Toggle off automatic APN (default)

  • Enter your custom APN from your data provider

Once entered, the router will restart and reconfigure.

Still encountering connection issues? Please reach out to support!

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