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Setup your Portable SmartCam
Setup your Portable SmartCam

Setup instructions for both the Portable SmartCam MkII and Portable SmartCam 3

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Before Setting up your Camera

Before heading to the field/court, you will need to:

  • Create your Spiideo user. Create your user here

  • Download the Spiideo app on iOS. Install the Spiideo App here

  • Get recording access to your Portable SmartCam. Learn how to grant recording access here (Not applicable for Spiideo Play)

  • Purchase a tripod and safety equipment for your Portable SmartCam. Read our guide on compatible stands here

  • Fully charge the battery. Full charge takes up to 4-5 hours

  • Choose and purchase your preferred network connection method:

    • Ethernet

    • WiFi or Hotspot

    • 4G SIM

  • Test the Portable SmartCam in the office first, to make sure no surprises occur in the field

If using your Portable SmartCam for Spiideo Play, you should also review this article!

Step 1: Prepare

Begin by making sure you have all necessary parts:

  • Camera

  • Base plate and quick release

  • Ethernet cable

  • Tripod

Attach the quick release to your tripod:

Attach the quick release to the stem on your tripod. Read here for a more in depth look at how this is done

Attach the base plate to your camera:

The base plate screws into the bottom of your camera and attached to the quick release

Attach the camera to your tripod:

Attach the camera by clicking the baseplate into the quick release. The quick release lever should automatically click into place once properly attached

Remember to slide the gold lock lever to the right to lock the quick release

Step 2: Position

Now we want to place the camera on tripod in the position it will record from, at the side/end of the field/court.

Place the camera minimum 4m from the field/court sideline, in line with halfway. The camera should be placed with safety in mind, ensuring a fall will not endanger anyone

Do not elevate the tripod yet, you should elevate after connecting to a network

Ensure now that the tripod is secure with any safety straps or sandbags you have available.

Step 3: Plug and Power

You should now plug the ethernet cable into the box and camera.

Plug one end into the port labelled 'camera' on the side of the box

Plug the other end into the RJ port on the camera

Flick the green switch to power on. Router and camera will now boot, taking approximately 1-2 minutes

You can now choose your preferred network method below to connect your Portable SmartCam:

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