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Attaching Quick Release to Tripod

Steps and Tips to attach the Quick Release to your Tripod

Updated over a week ago

The quick release supplied is an industry standard component that fits a wide range of tripod mounts. The sizing of the quick release is as followed:

Upon receiving:

The quick release natively fits two sizes:

  • 1/4 of an inch

  • 3/8 of an inch

For 1/4", the quick release stays as is:

For 3/8", remove screw adaptor:

Attaching to tripod:

Your tripod should come with/have purchasable a stem that the quick release can attach to. Examples of this stem can be as followed:

Once attached, the tripod and quick release should look like this:

Still having trouble with your quick release? Reach out to support and we can help guide!

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