Router and Camera Lights

Explanation of the lights on your Portable SmartCam and included router

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Router Lights

Example Case: The above router is on and connected via WiFi. There is a 4G connection present but the router is prioritising WiFi as per the list

A. Power

  • No light = Not receiving power. Check the power switch and the power source connection.

  • Green = Power on

  • Amber = Starting up

B. WiFi

  • No light = Not connected to a WiFi network

  • Green = Connected to a WiFi network and operating normally

  • Blue = Connected to a 5G WiFi network (not currently supported)

  • Blinking green = Traffic over the network


  • Not in use

D. Modem

  • No light = Modem is not connected

  • Green = Modem has a stable connection

  • Blinking green = Modem is connecting

  • Solid yellow = Modem is on but not active

  • Blinking yellow = Data connection error. No modem connection possible

  • Blinking red = Modem is in the process of resetting

E. Signal Strength

  • No light = No 4G connection available

  • On = 4G connection present (4G connection use is dependent on presence of WiFi/Ethernet Connection)

Portable SmartCam 3 Lights

This light refers to the following:

  • Red flashing - Ready to record

  • Red solid - Recording

  • White - Not ready

Portable SmartCam MkII Lights

These lights refer to the following:

  • Green flashing - Not ready

  • Green solid - Ready to record

  • Red solid - Recording

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