Start a new recording on the iOS App

How to start a new recording on the iOS App

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You can start a recording via the iOS app right from the pitch. Let's get started with the steps to record:

You must have recording access before starting a recording, read about recording access here!

Step 1: In the iOS app, go to Recordings > 'New +'

Step 2: Enter the following details for your recording, the sections are as followed:

  1. Select your scene (If you don't see the scene you want, you might not have recording access)

  2. See a preview of the scene here

  3. Enter recording title

  4. Description of recording (optional)

  5. Share to relevant groups

  6. Share to individuals in your account

  7. Automatically generate a Predefined AutoFollow download

  8. Store recording as full or trimmed. Trimmed recordings will be reduced to just their tags in 10 days

Step 3: Once relevant information is entered, scroll down and click the red start button

Now your recording is started, you will see it in the Recordings tab list as followed:

This means:

  • Everyone you have shared the recording with via Groups will see the recording live or afterwards.

  • To see the live recording (with approximately 45 seconds to 1 minute delay), you simply press the recording tile and you will enter the video player mode.

  • It will take a 1-2 minutes before you are able to see the recording live after it is started.

  • Any administrator of the account can stop an on-going recording.

Have further questions about recording on iOS? Reach out to Spiideo support via the chat!

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