What is a Scene?

Any field/court/rink that you want to record on with a Spiideo camera system is called a Scene. Account members with recording access to a scene will be able to start new recordings.

The scene tab in general also allows you to:

  • Manage recording access

  • Open camera Live View of the scene

  • See the connection status (online/offline)

  • Find the number of outages last 30 days

  • See whether a recording is currently LIVE/ongoing

  • Check for blurry or moved cameras before recording


1. Recording Access

Recording access is what gives a user permission to start a recording on a given scene. To provide recording access to yourself or others, you must be an admin. First, open the scenes tab on the web app.

The list also contains a link to the RECORDING ACCESS tool. Click on the 🔒 lock icon of a scene.

As a next step, add a new member to the list of people with recording access.

  • copy-paste the full email address the member used to sign up

  • + the person after showing up below the search bar

Note: Giving recording access only gives them access to that particular scene. If there are other scenes they need to be able to record on, then you can follow the same steps for other scenes!

Now you are able to start recordings on your scene:

Once you provide access to the user to record, just refresh the page, go to the recordings tab on the web app and you will see a "Start a new recording" button!

TIP: You will also see the ( + ) new record button on the iOS app when you login and can also use the calendar feature to schedule recordings automatically on app.spiideo.net.

Link: Find more information on how to start a new recording here.

When starting a recording, you can share it with a Group so other users have access to this recording on their account. Read more about Working with groups.

2. Monitor Camera System Status

In order to check the quality of your camera system, the scenes tab provides a quick solution to investigate the current status before you start a recording. Open a live view of the camera system by simply clicking on the scene name.

This will open a new window playing the last recording. Select Live View (on the top) and Start Live View.

Note: It is best practice to check your scene/s before beginning a recording, to avoid any recordings to fail.

3. Notification Settings

a. Account level

By adding an email address to this list and enabling the switch, automated email notifications will be sent for ALL scenes when they go offline.

b. Scene level

Navigate to the scene you wish to turn notifications on for, via the Scenes tab.

From here you will enter that scene. You can then navigate to the Notification Settings tab and add users for notifications. Finally, toggle notifications on via the 'Enabled' toggle.

When are email notifications sent?

  • 1 or more cameras have gone offline at the arena

  • all cameras have come back online

  • For scheduled recordings (Perform & Play)

  • 6h before the recording starts if the camera is still offline

  • 3h before the recording starts if the camera is still offline

  • 1h before the recording starts if the camera is still offline

  • 30m before the recording starts if the camera is still offline

  • 10m before the recording starts if the camera is still offline

Note: Account administrators can manage users that should receive notifications by adding or removing their email addresses or enabling/disabling the alerts to be sent.

💁 Do you have further questions about your scenes? Contact our support team!

Camera offline? Check out this article:

Camera offline troubleshooting (how to get cameras back online)

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