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Recording with an iOS device
Recording with Mobile Virtual Panorama (MVP)
Recording with Mobile Virtual Panorama (MVP)

Take advantage of our powerful Virtual Panorama technology using your iOS device

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Learn all you need to know and walk through the steps to use the mobile virtual panorama, henceforth known as MVP


1. Introduction to MVP

The Mobile Virtual Panorama camera allows you to record with your iOS mobile device and pan, tilt and zoom on the recording in the same fashion as our Spiideo camera systems. The recording is directly streamed (depending on network connection capabilities), into the Spiideo system for live viewing.

This is useful in temporary instances such as away games, where you may not be able to benefit from a fixed Spiideo camera system. You can still share, tag, draw, etc. as you do with a standard Spiideo recording.

setup mobile virtual panorama - MVP

Note: To make this work, two mobile devices are required. Use one iPhone/iPad as a remote camera, while you control the recording with a second iPhone/iPad

2. Get Started with MVP

Before starting, you should:

  • Have two iOS devices ready to use

  • Have a tripod with mount for one iOS device

  • Have updated your iOS devices operating systems (OS)

  • Have downloaded/updated your Spiideo iOS app

  • Be logged in to the same Spiideo team account on both devices

  • Have recording access to the Mobile Spiideo Camera scene

Follow along to setup and start a recording using MVP

a. Activate one Device as MVP Camera

First you must activate one of the mobile devices you want to use as the remote camera. Start by setting this device to 'Do not Disturb' in your device settings. You must do this as if a notification comes through during a recording, the recording will fail.

Next, open the Spiideo app and choose 'enable remote camera' from the top left menu:

The mobile device will be available as soon as the status changes to ONLINE:

The iOS device is now activated as the MVP camera.

b. Position the MVP Camera

Positioning of the MVP camera depends on the size of the field that will be filmed. Start by mounting your MVP camera on your tripod. You can then use the preview option to aim the camera:

We recommend:

  • Enough distance to see the entire field/court

  • A few meters of height between the far sideline and top of the camera view

  • A few meters of elevation so you are looking slightly down on the field/court

Going far back from the sideline and elevating the tripod and camera will improve your viewing experience. Once you are happy with the aim, move on to the next step.

c. Setting up the Scene Using a Second Device

Now you are ready to setup the scene to record.

First open the Spiideo app on your second iOS device (NOT the device set as remote camera) and select 'New +' in the top right corner. On this page you should select the scene menu:

Then select 'Mobile Recording':

And finally select 'Virtual panorama with one remote camera':

Now you need to:

  • Select the type of sport and field/court for your recording

Select your sport from the list provided and then you can move to the next step of calibrating your camera.

d. Calibrate the Camera

After selecting your sport and field/court, the camera will capture an image of the current aim for calibration. If you feel this is not aimed correctly, re-aim the camera and restart the calibration process.

You will see an overlay with 4 corners, drag each to the corresponding corner of your field/court as shown:

Once you're happy with the placement of calibration points, hit 'next':

The calibration process will run (this can take up to 90 seconds) and once complete, you can move to the next step.

e. Start your Recording

Once calibrated, you should fill out any further details if not already done. Then, press the red recording button to start your recording:

Once started, you will see the recording in ongoing recordings and can watch live (if network speeds are adequate).

3. Best Practice and FAQ

The following are important points to ensure you have the best experience when recording:

  • Make sure your camera device is in 'Do not Disturb' mode

  • The best viewing experience comes from the camera being placed:

    • Enough distance from the field/court to see all four corners

    • With a few meters of clearance on the far side from the sideline to the top of the camera view

    • With some elevation from the pitch so that the camera is 'looking down' on the pitch

a. My recording does not appear to be completely uploaded, what should I do?

Answer: Open the Spiideo iOS app on the device used as the MVP camera and allow some time to upload (you can monitor upload within the recording by looking at the total time. If upload does not seem to complete after an hour or more, please reach out to Spiideo Support

b. When I returned to the camera device, the screen was asleep. Is this a problem?

Answer: The screen should stay active during the entire recording. If the screen was black upon return, it is possible that your recording has been stopped early and therefore, the footage after this lost. Unfortunately, we cannot salvage any footage after a recording has been stopped.

c. I do not have 'Mobile recording' as an option in my scenes list. What do I do?

Answer: If you do not see this option when selecting a scene to record on, you may not have recording access to this scene. You can view this guide to learn how to grant recording access (must be an admin) to the Mobile Spiideo Scene

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