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Recording with an iOS device
Make a new recording from a mobile device
Make a new recording from a mobile device

This will help you to use the camera of your iPhone/iPad and directly make recordings which are saved into the Spiideo system.

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How can you make recordings with your own device?

Mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads can become "Spiideo" cameras and upload directly into the Perform platform. This way, additional angles and close-ups can add extra perspectives to your analysis.

Don't have a stationary Spiideo camera system at your arena yet? No problem. Your mobile device can if positioned well, capture the entire field. Please be aware that for large sports fields it will be much higher quality using one of Spiideo's camera systems, which you can find here.

Steps to get started

  1. Sign up and get access to the Spiideo account of your club/team

  2. Ask your admin to grant recording access to the "Spiideo Mobile Camera" scene

  3. Install the Spiideo app (Find it in the Apple Store)

  4. Go to the arena

This is how it works

Take your mobile phone for example and open the Spiideo app. Simply press the “New recording” button as you would do with a standard Spiideo recording. Then you select the mobile recording scene from the scene list (see pictures).

select scene for mobile recording

New recording dialogue – this is where you need to change to the mobile recordings scene, before starting the recording.

select your camera to use on the scene

Scene selection – choose "mobile recording"

Then you simply enter a title for the recording, and who you want to share it with before you press the record button. Before the recording starts you need to tilt the device to landscape if you have not done that already.

While you are recording, the video will be uploaded in real-time if there is an internet connection available. The default setting is that uploading of the video will be done over Wifi-ONLY. This means the uploading will wait until there is wifi available.

You can change this in the menu of the iOS app in the overview list to also upload over cellular (3G/4G). Just toggle off the Wifi-only upload.

Toggle Wifi-only upload off

Tip: Ask your administrator to give you access to use the mobile recording feature, otherwise this option will not be available. Mobile recording is only available from a mobile device.

ℹ️ Best practices

This is convenient for instance if you wish to record an away game, where there is no Spiideo system, but you still want to use the same workflow with Spiideo as you do at your home arena. Or maybe you want to get really close-up pictures from a practice e.g. from an angle where you normally do not have a Spiideo camera.

When recording with a mobile device, remember to put the device in "do not disturb" mode while recording. Otherwise, incoming notifications will "overrule" and cancel your recording. See below for the preferred settings 👇

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