S-Line and X-Line Wide Aiming

Read the steps below and select your sport to get started

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At this point, you should have your camera system positioned and mounted as per our guide. Before aiming, you should:

  • Have conducted a dry run to ensure your cameras are ready to use

  • Have the camera rig mounted in the correct location at your field/court

  • Have watched the video below on adjusting cameras

  • Reach out to Spiideo Installations 48 hours prior to your aiming. You can do this via the chat bot in your installer link

When you are ready, you can use the installer link contained in your shipping email to aim the cameras. The installer link allows you to:

  • See the IP address for each camera

  • Confirm your cameras have network and power

  • See each camera view on your scene in order to aim them accurately

It is important to take a laptop/tablet/phone with you when aiming in order to use the installer link.

To read more about the installer link, click here.

Please note: If you do not see the live view of a camera, it does not have network/power connection

Choose your field type:

Football (Soccer)

Choose the distance that best applies to your mounting and then follow the step by step instructions below:

Close (4-9 metres)

Medium (10-15 metres)

Far (16< metres)

Steps relate to letters A through D in the images above:

  • A - Make sure that the camera captures the corner allowing some space to the outside, this will facilitate the possibility to zoom in.

  • B - Make sure the camera captures the corner where the centre line and near sideline meet. Keep a small distance outside of the field for potential zoom

  • C - Make sure the camera has an overlap of the centre line of at least 4 meters (12 ft). It is important to have an even overlap from each camera here for stitching and zoom

  • D - Make sure the height on the far side is at least 5 meters (16 ft). More height is always better.


  • By scheduling your installation 48 hours prior, you can speak to Spiideo via the same chat you scheduled your installation. With this, we can help you aim while you are up on the lift

  • If it is outdoors and the horizon is possible to include, make sure part of the sky is in the picture for each camera.

  • Make sure the far sideline is fairly horizontal on both cameras and the highest point above the centre line is similar for both cameras. Use the sideline to determine if each camera is at level height

  • If you are far away from the pitch make sure the overlap over the centre line (C) and space outside the respective near corner (A) are similar. This will facilitate imposed zoom

  • Also make sure you have a bit of room on the near side of the pitch to allow for zoom (B).

Next Steps

Once your cameras are aimed, we will run a first time calibration and notify you through the installation chat when your scene is ready to record. You should then:

  • Give recording access to yourself and any other admins that wish to record

  • Start your first recording! How to here

  • Reach out to customer support via the chat with any further questions

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