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Getting Started with Spiideo Camera System Installations
Getting Started with Spiideo Camera System Installations

5 steps to get your Spiideo camera system installed at your arena

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These instructions will guide you in the process of getting your Spiideo camera system installed and ready to be used at your arena. Once the camera system(s) have arrived, below are the 5 steps to get your Spiideo camera system installed at your arena!

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1. Dry run

Test the camera system on your local network at the arena to make sure everything will work smoothly before putting the cameras in their final position. All you need to do is to connect the cameras to a switch and open the installer link. When the images of the cameras are showing up you are good to go.

Note: The switch, the camera system as well as the firewall settings of the network require some preparation in order to allow the cameras to work properly. Find all the details here.

2. Mount camera

Time to get the wrench out and attach the camera to a pole, truss, wall or ceiling! We have put together the most important information about how to successfully mount your Spiideo camera system for you here.

3. Connect on mounting location

After mounting the camera system in its final position the next thing to do is to connect the ethernet cable and verify the cameras come online and connect to the Spiideo cloud. You will find more details about this step here.

NOTE: If the cameras' images are not visible in the Installer link, please refer to our camera offline troubleshooting guide and double-check the switch, cables or the whether the firewall settings etc. are correctly set.

4. Aim camera

Aiming the Spiideo cameras is a critical step in the installation process. It's very important that the cameras are aimed very well in order to provide the best viewing experiencing. Find detailed information about aiming cameras here.

NOTE: If cameras are not aimed correctly, then we will need to have this step re-done.

Best practise:

Reach out 48h in advance to to schedule your installation. This way we can help you with aiming the cameras correctly!

5. Calibrate Spiideo system

Once our installation support team your cameras are aimed correctly, your job is finished!

The next steps are for Spiideo to calibrate the camera system to your field/court/rink and integrate it into the platform for the teams to start using!

This process takes 1-2 business days and our team will reach out once this is complete and the system is live!

If you have questions about your installation contact us at

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