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Start a New Recording from the Spiideo Perform Web App
Start a New Recording from the Spiideo Perform Web App

How to start a new recording from the Spiideo Perform Web App

Updated over a week ago

You must have recording access to a scene before you can record. Learn about recording access here!

Step 1: Go to Recordings tab > + New > New recording

Step 2: Enter recording information. Sections are as followed:

  1. Enter the recording title (optional)

  2. Select a scene (If you don't see the scene you want, you might not have recording access)

  3. Select sport for recording

  4. Toggle to instantly create Predefined download once recording is finished

  5. Store recording as full or trimmed. Trimmed recordings will be reduced to just their tags in 10 days

  6. Allow other users with access to the recording to create tags

  7. Share to relevant groups (optional)

  8. Share to individuals in your account (optional)

  9. Order AutoData Soccer Live for this recording (Read more about AutoData Soccer Live here)

Step 3: Once all relevant information is entered, click 'Start Recording' in the bottom right.

When the recording is started, it will appear in the Recordings list view.

  • Everyone you have shared the recording with via Groups will see the recording live or afterwards.

  • To see the live recording (with approximately 45 seconds to 1 minute delay), you simply press the recording tile and you will enter the video player mode.

  • It will take a 1-2 minutes before you are able to see the recording live after it is started.

  • Any administrator of the account can stop an on-going recording.

Step 4: Press to 'Stop recording' when finished to end the recording

Have further questions about recording? Reach out to Spiideo support via the chat!

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