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CloudStudio Anywhere

How to be remote (OFF site) and have access to Spiideo's CloudStudio

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With CloudStudio Anywhere, YOU can be anywhere 🗺️

This article outlines the highlights of CloudStudio Anywhere and how you can set it up for your next Spiideo Play broadcast with just a few clicks.

CloudStudio Anywhere

CloudStudio Anywhere (Off site) enables a Spiideo Play CloudStudio operator to be remote all while having full access to commentating during the games, controlling the overlays, & also having the capacity to adjust the time & score!

Where do you need to be to access CloudStudio Anywhere?

CloudStudio anywhere means exactly that!

You can be anywhere in the world all while having the luxury of having full access to all of Spiideo's CloudStudio features. All you will need is to be connected to a device and then simply log in to your Spiideo play account and activate the OFF site option.

What devices are supported?

  • iPad

  • Web

💁 Note: CloudStudio operator can access all functions on those devices. Using a mobile phone (iPhone) won't work at the moment.

💠 The CloudStudio functions will be visible in parallel with the video footage on one screen.

Enable CloudStudio Anywhere

Take a look at how you can have full access to CloudStudio Anywhere on your next Spiideo Play broadcast.

Best Practice

Importance of being in synch with the live stream

For every CloudStudio Anywhere broadcast, it is extremely important that your internet connection meets the standard requirements for an optimal streaming experience. If this is the case, you will notice in the screenshot below that you will be in sync with the live stream, and you will have full access to all of the Cloud Studio Anywhere features.

In the event that "you are not in sync with the live stream" this likely means that you are too far behind from being "live" and you will therefore not be able to use the OFF site controls.

Managing CloudStudio anywhere

Starting the game clock

Adding commentary to the stream

Activating Graphics to be overlayed onto the stream

Changing the score during a game

Enabling the Autofollow feature

Note: without the auto follow activated, the cloud studio operator will be able to manipulate their view as they wish.
Toggling this on/off will have absolutely no interference in the broadcast produced for the end viewers

Typically a cloud studio operator can toggle this off if they want to see more of a tactical view ( great for providing analysis during commentary ) or also be able to see the entire playing field to share insight like on who is warming up on the touchline.

💁 Tip: In case your internet connection is slow, we advise appointing an operator who is at the arena and uses the ON site version of CloudStudio.

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