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Ability for CloudStudio operator to change and lock the camera view for penalty shootouts

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The lock view feature allows CloudStudio operators to change and lock the view of the production to focus on the left or right goal.

The most common use-case is for a penalty shootout to ensure the camera stays focused on just the goal area.

IMPORTANT: This feature is recommended for penalty kick shootout only and is not recommended to use during normal gameplay.


1. How to change and lock views?

In CloudStudio Anywhere, the CloudStudio operator will see the following icon and associated buttons:

  • Left icon = change camera to view only the goal for viewers

  • Auto = normal Autofollow for viewers

  • RIght icon = change camera to view only the goal for viewers

Step 1: Open CloudStudio Anywhere

You will see the options Left, Auto, and Right. Whichever option is selected is what the viewer will experience.

Step 2: Select the left (or right) camera to change to right goal view

This will take the camera out of autofollow mode and only focus on the right goal

Step 3: Select Auto again to capture the celebration

It's important to re-select the Autofollow to change the viewing experience back to Autofollow mode to capture the celebration.

This can be selected immediately after the PK has been taken.

2. What does it look like for viewers?

When the operator changes the view, the camera will slowly pan to the view that was selected and stay fixed.

This is represents what the viewer will experience. 5 seconds into the below video, the operator (in CloudStudio, not shown) has selected the Left view and the camera will move into a fixed position.

Remember to select Auto to capture the celebration 🎉

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