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Adding audio commentary to the broadcast or muting the arena sound with CloudStudio

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💁 Before you start, make sure the date and time settings of your device are in line with the broadcast.

On a Mac or iPad - Open the System Preferences and go to Date & Time settings. We suggest enabling: Set date and time automatically as shown on the image below.

Connect a headset and start

In order to add commentary to a broadcast, you can use a headset on multiple devices

  • Laptop

  • Tablet

These are the main steps to get it to work

  1. When the recording is live, press "Start" to start your commentary

  2. Speak into your laptop, tablet or mobile and the audio will automatically sync with the live broadcast

  3. That's it!

Tip: With a headphone splitter you can add more people to do the commentary with you. 🎧 🎤 + 🎧 🎤

The same functions are available when using CloudStudio Anywhere (OFF site)

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