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Instant Replay

How to create replays and play them during your broadcast

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Instant Replay allows you to quickly highlight an important moment during your broadcast and show it live to your audience.

Instant Replay Specifications

Instant Replays are:

  • Available for Basic and Advanced production levels

  • Available in CloudStudio Anywhere (Offsite)

  • Available for all sports (tag panels differ per sport and graphics level)

  • Set to have an 8 second pre-roll and post-roll

How to Use Instant Replay

Instant Replay is available in CloudStudio Anywhere (Offsite)

While your broadcast is ongoing, you will have these controls in the bottom right corner

  1. Tag panel (the tags shown are dependent on both sport and graphics level)

  2. Replay menu

When an event occurs you wish to replay, you can press the corresponding tag. This generates a playable replay that appears in both:

  • A popup menu

  • The replay overview menu

The replay overview menu shows:

  1. Information about the replay (Tag type, player, time)

  2. Button to play the replay

  3. 3-dots menu to delete the replay

Press 'Play Replay' (Hotkey: Z) to broadcast your replay to your audience. You can do this from:

  1. The replay overview menu

  2. The popup menu

The Replay is displayed as a clean feed (No graphics, scoreboard, commentary or arena sound). The live commentary and arena sound will still be included on the broadcast

Your broadcast will return to live footage at the end of the replay automatically or when you cancel the replay (Hotkey: C)

Have further questions about Instant Replay? Reach out to Spiideo support via the chat in the bottom right corner!

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