AutoFollow not Tracking the Game Accurately

When AutoFollow performance does not look as expected for Portable SmartCam recordings

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If you're watching your Portable SmartCam recording live or after the recording has finished and notice issues in the AutoFollow performance, you should contact support via the chat in the bottom right corner with the following information:

  • Name of recording

  • Time stamp of issue in recording

  • Description of issue

We will advise on the issue and if possible, resolve in the coming days.

Causes for poor AutoFollow and prevention

The following are common causes for issues with AutoFollow and ways to prevent future problems.

1. Inaccurate calibration

An accurate calibration is vital to the performance of AutoFollow on your recording. To ensure your calibration is accurate, you should:

  • Make sure the entire playing area can be seen

  • Try to allow at least 4 meters of height between the far side of the field and top of the camera view

  • Make sure you select the correct field size

  • Make sure each annotation is placed in the corner of the court/field

  • Make sure the camera does not move after calibrating

If you need a refresher on how to calibrate your Portable SmartCam, you can read here. If your camera moves after calibrating, read how to resolve here.

2. Camera sway during recording

Excessive camera movement during a recording will cause the calibrated area to move. While we are resilient to this sort of movement to an extent, too much movement in the camera can cause AutoFollow issues that cannot be resolved.

In poor weather conditions where high wind is a factor, we recommend:

  • Ensuring the tripod is secure and cannot move

  • Lowering the height of the camera to reduce sway

Do you have further questions about AutoFollow on the Portable SmartCam? You can reach out to support and we'd be glad to answer!

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