Adjust your AutoFollow with Keyframes

Learn how to use individual keyframes to focus on important parts of the field/court during a recording

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Our AutoFollow Keyframe feature allows you to keep the AI AutoFollow targeted on a frame of your recording and save this view for future viewings, just as you would a tag.

This is great for:

  • Focusing on a player not involved in play

  • Focusing on a certain area of the pitch for extended time

  • Fixing minor lapses in the AI's movement

Watch a tutorial video here or read on below:


1. Keyframe Specifications

Keyframes are individual segments that direct the AI AutoFollow to focus on an area you set while the recording plays. These keyframes:

  • Last for 5 second segments

    • Unless interrupted by another keyframe

  • Can be sequenced one after another infinitely

  • Are viewable for other users in the account

2. How to Add Keyframes to a Recording

Firstly, you must navigate to the recording you want to manipulate. Find a section of the recording you wish to manipulate, your screen will look similar to this:

This is what our AutoFollow Standard view will focus on during a corner routine. However, perhaps you want a view that looks more like this during your corners:

Above, I have panned the camera to my desired view. As you can see, the corner taker is now in view while keeping outside and inside the penalty area in view. Let's add some keyframes in order to instruct the AutoFollow to focus on this shot:

The steps above are as followed:

  1. Open the AutoFollow menu

  2. Select an AutoFollow type (Standard, Wide, All Players)

  3. Click the Fine-tune button (Will not show without an AutoFollow type selected)

You will now see the following screen with overlay:

This screen allows you to add keyframes to the fine-tune timeline.

To start, find your timestamp and frame you want to view and press '+ Add keyframe'. You will see your keyframe populate on the timeline:

This keyframe lasts for approximately 5 seconds. If you want to focus on this shot for longer, advance a few seconds in the video and add another keyframe. You can add as many as you wish:

Too zoom in on your keyframes, increase the percentage slider as shown above. If you place a keyframe incorrectly, click on it and delete as shown:

Once you're finished adding keyframes for this moment, click 'Done'! You can now navigate and watch your keyframes on the Fine-tune timeline or return to your regular tags timeline:

You are able to return to your Fine-tune timeline at any point. Your keyframes will now be saved and play each time you view your recording.

Have questions or having trouble with Keyframes? Reach out to support via the chat in the bottom right corner!

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