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Create a Custom Download

Learn how to create a custom download for your recordings in Spiideo Perform

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Create a Custom Download

Step 1:

Navigate to Recordings > The recording you wish to download

Step 2:

Open the downloads tab > Click on 'Create a new downloadable file'

Step 3:

Here you set the parameters for your custom download. Start by entering a file name

Step 4:

Select the camera view you wish to download. Your options here are:

  • Fixed - A still view without AutoFollow. Choose the view by manipulating the camera in the video player on the right side

  • Panorama - A still view of the entire field

  • Standard - Uses Standard AutoFollow

  • Wide - Uses Wide AutoFollow

  • All Players - Uses All Players AutoFollow

  • Custom Area - Draw an area on field that you wish AutoFollow to track

You can also choose which camera you download from via the camera icon on the video player (for multi-camera scenes)

Step 4:

Select the duration of the download. Choosing 'Custom', you can click and drag each end of the blue slider on the timeline to adjust duration.

Once happy with your selection, you can press 'Create'

Step 5:

Once created, the download will process and be available here after approximately 20 minutes. Once fully processed, simply click on the link to download

Tips for using Custom Downloads

Custom downloads are most often used to capture specific portions of a match/training from select camera views

Some common use-cases:

  • 1st Half/2nd Half specific downloads

  • Full field view with Fixed view

  • All Players view for a full team perspective with AutoFollow

  • Warm-up / passing drills / shooting drills

  • Possession drills

  • Player specific training/match such as the goalkeeper

  • Small sided or small group play on a portion of the field - especially when there are unrelated players on the field

Custom area is a very unique feature of Custom Downloads, see how it works below

When you export the video, here is how it looks!

Have further questions about custom downloads? Reach out to support via the chat in the bottom right!

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