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Create a Predefined Download

Learn how to create a Predefined download for your recordings in Spiideo Perform

Updated over a week ago

There are a number of places you can create a Predefined download for your Spiideo Perform recordings. Learn how to do so below:

When Starting a Recording

Step 1:

On the 'Start a new recording' panel, toggle on 'Generate instant download'. Once your recording is finished, a Predefined download will automatically generate

Step 2:

You will see the AutoFollow link processing on your recording and it will be available to download shortly after the recording ends

After a Recording has Finished

Please note:

Predefined downloads can only be created for up to 30 days after a recording was made

Step 1:

Navigate to Recordings > The recording you wish to download

Step 2:

Open the downloads tab > Click on 'Create predefined video files for download'

Step 3:

Once created, the download will process and be available here after approximately 20 minutes. Once fully processed, simply click on the link to download

Have further questions about predefined downloads? Reach out to support via the chat!

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