This article will explain the meaning of quotas and how to manage them

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Quotas are how you can monitor your teams/organizations usage of your Spiideo Perform account and avoid any limitations. Any administrator for an account can access this information via the Quotas tab located in the main menu of Spiideo Perform

Check your Quota

To check your account Quota, navigate to the Quotas tab on the left hand column in Spiideo Perform:

Types of Quota

a. Storage Quota

Your Storage Quota refers to the amount of content you have stored in your account. This amount is used as you store:

  • Footage recorded on your scenes from your account

  • Uploaded video to your account

  • Copied recordings from a league exchange

When managing your Storage Quota, you have have three main options in order to free space for further recordings:

  1. Download old recordings locally and delete in Spiideo Perform

  2. Save as a Trimmed Recording (learn more about Trimmed Recordings here)

  3. Purchase an increase in Storage Quota. To do so, use the 'Buy more storage' button!

It is important to keep an eye on your Storage Quota as reaching the limit will prevent future recordings until space is made available.

b. Recording Quota

Your Recording Quota refers to the total amount of recording/footage uploading conducted by all users for your teams/organizations account.

Recording Quota is reset annually as per your contract with Spiideo, this timeframe can be seen via the 'Period' section.

If you reach the limit of your Recording Quota before the period renews, you can purchase more Recording Quota by contacting Spiideo support via the chat in the bottom right.

c. AutoData

The quotas tab also displays the amount of tokens still available on your account for AutoData orders.

Each order of AutoData will consume one token. If you would like to purchase more tokens for AutoData, you can reach out to your Sales Manager who will guide you.

Have questions that have not been answered in this article? Reach out to Support via the chat in the bottom right corner!

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