League Exchange

If you are part of a league exchange (i.e. league or conference setup), this is how you view, access and copy games into your team account

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League Exchange allows organizations and teams to record, view, share and analyze games across an entire league or a conference.

How to get the League tab visible on Spiideo Perform

  • The League Exchange tab will appear on the left menu column on Spiideo Perform web app (app.spiideo.net) once your Account has been granted access to a League

  • From there, depending on your permissions, can add yourself and other users to access recordings in that particular league

  • After you have access, you can also view on the iOS app

Tip: If you are not sure about the status of your league access, don't hesitate to contact the league administrators or Spiideo support.


1. Features, Roles & Access Levels

League Exchange allows participating teams to benefit greatly by having access to the video live and afterwards with minimal to no effort required.

This works for both games recorded with Spiideo camera systems as well as uploaded video that was filmed with any regular camera.

Before we dive into the details of League Exchange, below are the features, roles & access levels:





View recordings in the exchange

Import Recording to your account

View list of Leagues they have access to

Start Recordings

Upload Recordings

Schedule Recordings

Stop and delete recordings the user itself created

Edit, cancel, stop schedule recordings you created

Edit, cancel and stop any recording

Edit roles of all members from your account

Remove League access from members of your account

View list of members of your account that have league access

2. How to Share Recordings to a League?

If you are responsible for sharing video to a league, then see steps below.

📌 IMPORTANT: All games shared to a League must be started or scheduled from the League Exchange tab (i.e. not the recordings tab)

Here are the steps to share a recording to a League:

  1. Go to the League Exchange tab on app.spiideo.net. Select 'New Recording' or 'Upload Video'

  2. Title the recording

  3. Scene you wish to record on

  4. Select the League you wish to share with

  5. Toggle on "Keep local copy" if you wish to automatically share the recording to your Recordings tab

NOTE: if you select Keep local copy and want to share it with individuals or Groups in your account, you will need to Edit the recording and share from your recordings tab.

Where is the Recording Stored?

The original recording of a game is stored within the League Exchange and can be viewed by members of the league as well as copied into a team's account.

The recording does not count against your Recording or Storage quota. It will count against your storage quota, if you decide to copy the recording to your Spiideo account.

3. Managing Access to a League

How do you know you have viewing access to a league?

The Leagues tab will appear on the left menu within the Spiideo Perform account as soon as your parent account have been given access to a league.

How do I give myself or other members of my account access to the exchange?

Once your Spiideo account has access to 1 or more Leagues, you can now choose which members of your account can have access.

As an admin of your team account, you will be able to select the league that you want your team account to be a member of, by selecting it from the list as shown below.

As a next step, you will be able to add and remove individual users of your team account to the league.

By adding a member, this person will be granted access to the league and will be able to access it based on the role selected.

  • Add member

  • Select role

NOTE: Based on the Spiideo account that a member belongs to, there is a possibility for three different roles that can be assigned to that person. These roles are typically pre-defined and set by the League/Conference:

  • Admin

  • Editor

  • Viewer

Once you add the member, they can log into app.spiideo.net or the iOS app to watch recordings.

Jump back to this section in this article to review what features and access Admins, Editors, and Viewers have.

4. How to View and Copy Recordings from a League into your Spiideo Account

To view:

→ Go to the League Exchange tab on app.spiideo.net or the iOS app

→ Click on the recording to view

When viewing, you can still get benefits from the Spiideo experience:

  • pan, tilt and zoom

  • Autofollow

  • Change camera angles, if applicable

Reminder: In order for you to tag and create presentations, you need to copy the recording into your team's account first 👇

To copy:

As soon as the game started and is shared within the league, it can be copied into a team account by clicking on the three "edit" dots on the game

Reminder: In order for you to tag and create presentations, you need to copy the recording into your team's account first 👇

Now you can choose three additional options:

  1. Store as full or trimmed recording

  2. Share to a group of your team account

  3. Share to any individual user of your team account

Note: After 10 days a trimmed recording will only include the parts of the recording that have been tagged. All other parts of the recording will be deleted. You have 10 days to tag the parts of the recording that you want to save. Only the length of the tags will be counted against your cloud storage quota.

5. League Exchange FAQs

I am not seeing a Leagues tab on app.spiideo.net. Why is that?

Each user of a league exchange needs to be part of an account that has access to a League. If you do not have access send an email support@spiideo.com with the League you need access to and the team you are with so we can provide you and other staff members access.

Can I view games live in the exchange?

Yes! This is one of the unique parts of Spiideo and the exchange functionality. Wherever there are Spiideo cameras in your League, you can access and view those games live. This means teams can tag/edit/analyse live or immediately after the game.

Will other teams see our tags?

No. All of your team's tags are only visible to the Group you shared them with internally. All video that has been shared to a league exchange is simply a copy of the original and no tags will ever be shared.

Do I need to be on-site to tag live?

You do not have to be on-site to live tag. You can log in to the exchange via app.spiideo.net and watch the game and tag on your laptop! Read more about that here.

Tip: Most teams will have someone on-site tag with an iPad but it is up to you!

Can I delete an imported game from my account after I'm done analyzing?

Yes, you can trim or delete that game from your account. Because it is an imported copy of the original recording, it won't affect other members of the League.

Do games of a league exchange count against my quota?

Only the games imported by you into your club account, count against your club's quota.

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