Downloading your Recordings

This is how you can download your recordings from Spiideo Perform to your local device

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Downloading your recordings locally is possible across all four Spiideo Perform tiers. We have two main download types with customisability available on the 'Custom Download' type.


1. Predefined Download

A predefined download is a standalone mp4 (H264) file of the full recording in which the actions are captured by Spiideo's Autofollow technology. Predefined downloads use:

  • The AutoFollow All Players view

  • The Virtual Panorama camera(s)

These settings cannot be altered.

There are two ways to create the Predefined Download:

a. When starting a recording

When creating your recording, you can set the Predefined Download to start processing immediately. To do so, select the 'instant download settings' link and toggle on in the new broadcast menu

You will see the AutoFollow link processing live on your recording and it will be available to download shortly after the recording ends

b. After a recording has finished

To generate a Predefined Download on a complete recording, you should:

  • Open the recording/game

  • Open Download links

  • Click 'Create predefined video file for download'

  • Click Autofollow to download the file

Predefined download

The processing stage should take approximately 20 minutes to complete but can take longer due to system stress. The finished file should be between 6GB - 10GB for a 90 minute recording.

2. Custom Download (Available for: Spiideo Perform PRO PLUS subscription)

A custom download is a standalone mp4 (H264) file showing the area and period of a recording you want to focus on. Your options for customizations are:

  • Fixed View (AutoFollow not active)

  • AutoFollow Standard, Wide or All Players

  • Custom Area (Drag to select area for AutoFollow to focus on)

  • Camera Selection (For multi-angle scenes)


  • Time Range Selection

a. To Create a Custom Download:

  • Open the recording

  • Open Download links

  • Select 'Create new downloadable file'

  • Name the Download

  • Select your preferences:

    1. View

    2. Time

    3. Camera

  • Click create and wait for the download to process

Once created, the download file will show a processing percentage. Once 100%, your file is ready to download.

b. Tips for using Custom Downloads

Custom downloads are most often used to capture specific portions of a match/training from select camera views

Some common use-cases:

  • 1st Half/2nd Half specific downloads

  • Full field view with Fixed view

  • All Players view for a full team perspective with AutoFollow

  • Warm-up / passing drills / shooting drills

  • Possession drills

  • Player specific training/match such as the goalkeeper

  • Small sided or small group play on a portion of the field - especially when there are other players behind the goals

Custom area is a very unique feature of Custom Downloads, see how it works below

When you export the video, here is how it looks!

If you have a question about downloads, please contact our support team.

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