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Where to find my Order ID?

This article explains getting the receipt email that confirms you have successfully purchased your Game or Game Package (i.e. season pass)

Updated over a week ago

After you have successfully purchased a Game or Game Package (i.e. season pass), you will sent an email with links to view your games and the Order ID of the purchase.

  1. Go to your inbox of the email you made your purchase with to find your receipt

  2. Within the receipt email you will find the details of your purchase, such as the Order ID and links to the Single Game or Game Package which includes the list of all games you now have access to.

  3. Your Order ID is the # will be listed in the receipt

NOTE: If you do not have your order receipt, check your bank statement of the card you used. If if it says Spiideo Play, then your purchase was successful. If you cannot find confirmation of the purpose, then it could be that your purchase was unsuccessful or it could be with another streaming provider entirely.

If you are still experiencing issues or have questions, feel free to reach out to

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