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What to do when there is a scheduling issue, game is no longer available, or you cannot find your email receipt
What to do when there is a scheduling issue, game is no longer available, or you cannot find your email receipt

Having trouble finding your games? It could be because of a scheduling error, removed access, or no email receipt

Updated over a week ago

Below are the top reasons why you may be having trouble finding and viewing your games and package (i.e. season pass) content:

1. Scheduling issue

Our customers that use Spiideo Play are responsible for scheduling games and naming the games (i.e. team A vs. team B) in our platform.

  • When they publish the games, sometimes they can make a mistake on the date, time, and team names

  • There can also be a re-scheduling of the game and they didn't update the change in the platform

  • Either of these scenarios, makes it very difficult or impossible for you to find the correct game. This also may contribute to a wrong purchase.

So what should you do?

If you accidentally purchased the wrong game, then you are entitled to a refund (read more about how to get a refund here), but it is always great to email or let the other company know that they made a mistake on the schedule, so they can make sure to improve this in the future.

2. Game no longer available or not visible in the package view

Did you purchase a game and it's now no longer available? This may be caused by the organization that is streaming your games, may have removed or even deleted the games.

NOTE: This should not happen, but if it does - please first reach out to to confirm this is what happened.

What to do? If the organization did indeed remove access of this game to the public, please contact the sports organization directly to see if they can make it viewable again.

3. No email receipt

After you made your initial purchase, you should immediately receive an email receipt sent to the email you used to create your Spiideo account.

If you did not receive you receipt, please do the following:

  • Check your bank statement to verify the transaction actually went through

  • Recall which method you created your Spiideo account with (Gmail, Apple, Email)

  • Go to the inbox of the email you used to purchase and look

  • If it is not in your inbox, check your spam folder

  • If you still have not found the receipt, please email with your name and email you used to create your Spiideo account when purchasing. This is the only way we can look up your order.

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