After you have successfully purchased your game or package (i.e. season pass), you will be sent an automated email receipt with links to your game or game package. If you are experiencing issues when trying to log in please follow the steps below:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Purchasing a Game Package only gives you access to games listed in that specific package. If you are trying to view games in a separate Game Package, then this will be a separate charge. This should have been communicated by the sports organization broadcasting.

1. Go to the inbox of the account you used to make your purchase and open the email receipt

  • Single game purchase - Click/tap on the link highlighted below by the red arrow or box. This will take you to the game page to view your game.

  • Game package purchase (i.e. tournament or season pass) - clicking the links in the email receipt will take you back to the event page where you will have access to all of the games listed.

2. Check to make sure you are signed into your account

  • You must be logged into the account you made your purchase with to access your games

  • After you click the link to your game, it will direct you to the game page and click Play to start watching. If you are unable to watch, it could mean that you are not logged into the account you made your purchase with.

When you are not signed in, this is what you will see.

To get access, just sign into your account. Now click Play to view your game!

Still experiencing issues?

Please email with a screenshot like the above showing which account you are signed in with and the Order ID sent to you in the email receipt.

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