In case you have purchased a game or an entire package (i.e. season pass) that doesn't contain what you intended to watch, we can refund the original purchase and walk you through the steps for purchasing the correct game or package.

NOTE: This also applies if the sports organization streaming the event made a scheduler error (wrong date, time, or team names).

If you accidentally purchased a wrong game or package, you can:

  1. Send your Order ID to Your Order ID can be found on the email receipt sent after you made the purchase.

  2. Explain why the purchase is incorrect - for example, "It appears the teams on the scheduled game are not the correct teams"

  3. Our team will issue the refund within 1-3 business days, so if you can find the correct game, then it is perfectly okay to purchase and we will issue a refund on the original purchase. We cannot provide a credit or free access so a new purchase must be made.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The sports organization streaming the event should also be notified immediately if there are scheduling errors. Please remember to CC them on the email to so they are also aware of the mistake on their end.

For more questions, please refer to our article on How to request a refund.

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