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Can't sign into my account

Error logging in? Follow the steps in this article to get into your account

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Below is a checklist to look over before reading further on steps to correctly log into your account:

  1. Are you sure the broadcast was created through Spiideo Play? To verify, check the email receipt or statement in your bank account. If it does not say Spiideo Play in the order receipt, then this broadcast was purchased through another company.

  2. Are you logging in the same way you created your Spiideo account? For example, if you logged in by clicking "Continue with Google", then you must log in using the same method.

  3. Did you complete the registration process and complete your order? To check, find the email receipt sent to your inbox. If you received this, then you successfully created your Spiideo account and can log in using that same email.

Steps to get access to your game and making sure you are correctly signed in.

Step 1: Find your Game or Game Package, create your Spiideo account, and make your purchase!

  • Click on the URL of the the Game or Game Package of interest

  • If purchasing a Game package page (i.e. season pass) - you will receive access to every game listed in that specific package. You will not receive access to other packages.

  • If purchasing an individual game - you will receive access to that specific game. You will not receive access to other packages.

Step 2: After your purchase has been made, go back to the Game Page and check the top right corner of your screen to make sure you are logged in

  • if you are not logged in, it will show that you need to pay again (see below). The reason is because you are logged out, so you just need to log in to get access.

  • To get access - sign into your account by clicking Sign in

IMPORTANT: Make sure when you sign in your are using the exact same email the confirmation email was sent to AND you are logging in the same method you created the account.

NOTE: If you logged in via Google, then you have to log in by clicking Continue with Google. Otherwise, you will get an error message.

  • After you've successfully signed in, you should now see a button that says Play.

  • Click Play to start watching your game!

Step 3: If you are still getting an error message when you log in, then please double check the following:

  • Did you receive an email confirmation after your purchase with the Order ID? The receipt should look like below. If you did not receive a Spiideo Play confirmation email, it could be this game is streamed by a different streaming provider entirely or that you purchased using a different email.

NOTE: You can always check your bank statement - if it says Spiideo Play, then your purchase was successful.

  • Did you sign in the same way you created your account? For example, if you created your account by signing in with Google, then you need to sign in the same exact way. If you try a different method, it will not work.

If you have a confirmation email and are still experiencing issues, please email the Order ID # and we will help!

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