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Overlays and Sponsors

How to add custom overlays and sponsors to your broadcast

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Through the creation of your broadcast and CloudStudio, you can add Sponsor logos as well as custom overlays for the purpose of lineups, advertisements and half-time content.

Custom Graphics with Overlays

Create graphics for your livestream and play and pause them during the broadcast with CloudStudio

Graphics can be for:

  • Team sheets

  • League Tables

  • Player Stats

  • and more!

Sponsors and Overlays are best used with transparent backgrounds to seamlessly blend into your broadcast!

Create your own lineup in an external program and upload it as an image overlay

In the overlay panel of CloudStudio (ON or OFF site) you can add, edit and preview your overlays before the broadcast goes live. This is also the place where you control the overlays during the Broadcast.

The supported devices are iPad (app) and desktop computer/laptop (web)


Create a New Sponsor

Add your logos for sponsors from the Sponsors tab in Spiideo Play

Once created, your sponsors tab will save all your sponsor graphics for future editing

Add Sponsors to your Broadcast

When creating a broadcast, select which sponsors you'd like to appear in your broadcast, up to a maximum of 3

Automatic Display of Sponsors

Before finalizing the broadcast, you can choose to automatically display sponsors. With this functionality, you won't need anyone to manually start and stop each sponsor throughout the broadcast.

  • Automatically cycle through sponsors via the toggle at the bottom of the page

  • Automatic/Manual control of sponsors cannot be adjusted once the broadcast has begun

Manually Handle your Sponsors

If you would like your CloudStudio Operator to still control your sponsors, you can leave the automatic display toggle off.

Operating Sponsors and Overlays in CloudStudio will look like this:

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