Enhance your production with CloudStudio

Cloud Studio is a cloud-based production studio for your broadcasts. There is no need for any hardware - simply log into CloudStudio with your laptop and tablet to get started.

With CloudStudio you can do many things to enrich the production experience for your viewers:

  1. Control Time & Score

  2. Audio commentary

  3. Display graphical overlays (i.e. sponsors)

  4. Generate automatic highlights (COMING SOON!)

  5. Utilize 3D animations (COMING SOON)

To access CloudStudio, you first have to schedule the broadcast. Once the broadcast is scheduled, you can click into the broadcast (from the broadcast tab) and open CloudStudio.

The Spiideo CloudStudio comes in two versions.

Here is what your dashboard looks like when using CloudStudio ON site:

While being OFF site, we call this CloudStudio Anywhere:

💁 Both versions provide the same powerful functions to enhance your production.

Getting started with CloudStudio:

  1. Overview and Stream status

  2. Time & Score

  3. Audio commentary

  4. Overlays

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