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Video Overlays

How to create and use video overlays for your broadcast

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With our video overlay feature you can upload video files that can be played on top of a Spiideo Play broadcast at the click of a button. Video overlays are great for:

  • Runnings ads on your livestream

  • Showing interviews and other promotional content

  • Showing video format team walkouts and lineups

Please note, there are requirements for video overlays. They are as followed

  • MP4 file format only

  • File must contain video and audio

  • Maximum file size 1GB

  • Unlimited files uploaded

  • Only 6 files active at any time


1. How to Access and Upload Video Overlays

Navigate to the Video Overlays tab on the left side menu of Spiideo Play.

Within this menu, you can upload, manage video files and enable up to 6 video overlays at a time for your CloudStudio.

To upload a video overlay:

Video overlays will process and then be ready to use. If processing fails, this will be displayed under the 'Date Added' column. In this case, check that your file format is correct and attempt to reupload. If problems still occur, reach out to support via the chat.

You can now toggle on which Overlays you wish to use in your upcoming broadcast, via the 'CloudStudio Enabled' column.

2. How to use your Video Overlays

Once you have uploaded and enabled your Video Overlays they are ready to use.

From the CloudStudio menu, you now have your Video Overlays displayed under the 'Overlays' column

Via this section, you can choose to start and stop your Video Overlays at any time during the broadcast. Once you press the play button for a Video Overlay, this will:

  • Show the overlay as a still image in the display screen at the top

  • A short time will transpire before the Video Overlay shows on the broadcast

  • Show a time count up under the Video Overlay you played

  • You can choose to stop the Video Overlay early or allow it to play entirely and return to the broadcast automatically

If you have any questions not answered in this article, please reach out to Spiideo Support via the chat.

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