First of all, what is a tag panel?

Creating tag panels is the first step of your performance analysis. Tag panels enable you to work on recordings and uploaded video files by marking key moments throughout the video material in a standardised and efficient way. Every single tag creates a dot on the timeline, so you can quickly find key moments that you have tagged throughout the recording/uploaded video.

ℹ️ This article will guide you through the steps of creating a tag panel and share valuable insights on how analysts are using them.

  1. Create, share and configure

  2. Best practices and customise tag panel

  3. Examples of tag panels

Tag Panel

💁 Based on your subscription type, you can create multiple tag panels. If you have any questions about that, contact our support team to get clarity. 📫

1. Create, share and configure your own tag panel

The most important steps to create, share and configure your tag panel

ℹ️ Although tag panels can only be created on the web browser, you can use the tag panels on both the web browser and the iOS app 💻 + 📱

Step 1: Open Spiideo Perform on the web browser and create a tag panel

Step 2: Share the tag panel within a group (want to know more about groups?)

Step 3: Chose a panel from different layouts

2. Best practices and customise tag panel

Edit the tag panel whenever you want. You can change the colour and more for each tag individually. For example, the timing parameters can be adjusted by setting the Pre-Roll (time covered before that button was hit) and Post-Roll (time covered after that button was hit) time as needed.

Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts help to work more efficiently. Open Tag Panels on the menu bar and select a tag panel to edit. No Keyboard Shortcut Set? Here is the place where you can do this.

3. Examples of tag panels

  • Gameday panels

  • Practice panels

  • Roster panels

  • Player specific panels

  • Tactical panels (specific to what you are working on)

Gameday (soccer example)

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