When you as an admin are logged into Spiideo Play you will see the broadcast tab on the navigation menu on the left hand side.

Hit the "Add new broadcast" and get going

Next steps:

  1. Add the teams playing

  2. Add event details

  3. Select the streaming option for this game

  4. Set the price for the audience to watch this game

  5. Select up to 3 sponsors for this game

  6. Broadcast overview & Game Page

1. Add the teams playing

Note: If it is the first time you schedule a game with a specific team then you have to "create" the teams. Simply put in the team name, code and upload a logo. Done.

Tip: When creating a new team it is important that you enter the details correctly. Name, team code and Team logo is used on landing pages and as graphic on the live-stream. For best result use images with transparent background (png, svg)

2. Add event details

In this step you add the details about this event.

  1. Description of the event, intended for the viewers. For instance "U17 premier league", "Friendly game" or what best describes your event in a brief specific matter.

  2. Arena. This is for all customers that have Spiideo cameras on multiple pitches. Select where this game is being played from the drop down list. Note, you may only have one location where you have Spiideo cameras.

  3. Date and Time for the game. Set the actual start time & date for the game. This is the time when the automatic camera operator starts.

  4. Adjust how many minutes before the start time you want the broadcast to go live. During this time the live stream is active but the camera doesn't move.

  5. Broadcast length. Be sure to set enough time for your specific broadcast. The livestream will end when the time is up.

Note: After setting the date and time, you can select the type of sport. This will enable corresponding backdrop images on the game page.

3. Select the streaming option for this game

Select the streaming option for this game. This option is how the live stream will be delivered to your audience.

  1. Spiideo Player. This option brings the full experience including Pay-Per-View to your audience.

  2. External Streaming Provider. This can be an option if you would like to route your live stream to a third party video service like YouTube or maybe your local news media provider. Note that there is a production cost associated with this option, you can find this cost in your agreement. In order to setup this option correctly you need to have the so called RTMP URL and corresponding Stream key. These parameters are provided to you by your video service platform (YouToube etc.), this is not something that Spiideo can provide or have control over.

4. Set the price for the audience to watch this game

Set the price for the audience to watch this game

  1. Pay-per-view. Set the sales price for this game. This is the price your audience need to pay in order to watch this game. You as a club will get a kickback according to your agreement.

  2. Free for viewers. If you select this option your viewers can watch the game for free. Note that you will have a cost per viewer watching the game.

5. Select sponsors for this game

When scheduling the broadcast you have the possibility to select up to three of your sponsor for this broadcast. If you don't want any sponsors for this game you can skip to add any at all in this step.

The selected sponsor will appear on the game page and will be available in CloudStudio as overlays you can add on top of the outgoing stream.

Tip: You can always add new sponsors by navigating to the Sponsor section in the main menu.

When the sponsors are picked and you're satisfied with all of you choices then press Create to finish the scheduling of the broadcast.

6. Broadcast overview page

When the scheduling of the broadcast is completed you will see the broadcast overview page like below.

  1. This section shows a summary of all the broadcast related details. You have the possibility to modify it by clicking the Edit button.

  2. The Game page. This is link to the page you share and this is where your audience buy and watch the game

  3. CloudStudio page - the tool for adding audio commentary, control time & score and push sponsor content.

What will the Game Page look like?

This is page which you want to drive you traffic to. This is the page where the fans purchase and watch the game. Share this on social media and get the away team to do the same.

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