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Member Management in Spiideo Play

How to manage your accounts users via the Members tab

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Spiideo Play has three types of roles:

  • Admins: manage the entire account and have access to all features and functionality

  • Scheduler: can schedule broadcasts and manage CloudStudio

  • CloudStudio Operators: can only operate CloudStudio during a broadcast

Members Tab Overview

From this tab, you can Add new members, Remove members and Manage their roles

The Members tab is only available when using Spiideo Play on your web browser.

The members tab is broken down as followed:

  1. Account Membership overview

  2. Account invites overview (further information below)

  3. Add members

  4. Filter and search bar

  5. Member name and select

  6. Members' account email

  7. Members role in account

Adding New Users

Admins can add people to your Play account via the 'Members' tab

You have two options for adding new Members:

  1. Invite by email

  2. Invite by link

Invite by email

Inviting by email sends an email direct to the address you enter

You need to provide:

  1. The full email of the user (this is/will be the email for their Spiideo account)

  2. Choose their role

Click add and the person will receive an invite email

Invite by link

Invite by link creates a link that multiple users can follow in order to join your team/organization account.

Here you select:

  1. The role the users will have

  2. Who can access this link

  3. When the link expires

Click create and the link will be generated for you to copy

Editing invites

The invite tab provides an overview of all account invites. You can also edit/delete invites from this menu

Click on any invite to begin editing/delete the invite

Editing an invite link looks as followed:

From the edit menu you can:

  1. See the link that was sent

  2. Adjust the role applied

  3. Adjust the expiry date

  4. Delete the invite/Save your changes

Editing an email invite looks as followed:

From the edit menu you can:

  1. See the email address the invite was sent to

  2. Adjust the role applied when accepting

  3. Revoke the invite/Save your changes

Removing Users

To remove users:

  1. Select the member(s) to remove

  2. Press delete

  3. Select a user to migrate their content to (this is a mandatory step).

  4. Press delete

Best Practice

Typically, clubs and organizations will give the following roles to:

  • Admins: Account owners, managers and senior operators of the club/organization

  • Scheduler: Those tasked to schedule broadcasts and distribute links for CloudStudio Operators/viewers

  • CloudStudio Operator: Commentators and those responsible solely for production during the broadcast

Need help with something else? Contact support via the chat in the bottom right!

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