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Adding Members in Spiideo Perform

How to add members to your team/organization's account in Spiideo Perform

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Adding Administrators and Users

As an admin on a team/organization's account, you can add other admins or users to the account.

Start by navigating to the Members tab and clicking 'Add member'

You have two options for adding new members:

Invite by email

Inviting by email allows you to send a direct email to the user, whether they have a Spiideo account created already or not.

From the above image, you:

  1. Write the full email of the user (this is/will be the email for their Spiideo account)

  2. Choose their role (Member or Admin)

  3. Pre-add them to any groups

Click add and the user will receive an invite email

Invite by Link

Invite by link allows you to create a link that multiple users can follow in order to join your team/organisation account.

From the above image, you:

  1. Choose the role the users will have (Member or Admin)

  2. Pre-add user to groups

  3. Choose who can access this link

  4. Choose when the link expires

Click create and an invite link will be generated

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