Groups in Spiideo Perform

How to create and use the feature 'Groups' in Spiideo Perform

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Groups allow you to share content with many people at once, internally within your organization. You can think of Groups as subsets of people in your account that you want to share recordings, presentations, clip collections and other content with. Groups are:

  • Created by admins for your Spiideo Perform account

  • Unlimited in the number of Groups you can create

A common example would be to create a "Coaching staff" group so you can share a video with all of your coaches

Important: You must be a member of any group you wish to share content to. If you don't see a group in your sharing list, please check you are a member.

How to Create a Group

Step 1:

First navigate to the Members tab > Groups sub-tab > 'Create group' to begin creation

Step 2:

Here you can name your group and then click 'Create'. Some examples of groups are:

  • Defenders (for sharing to all defenders)

  • Goalkeeper coaches (for sharing to all goalkeeper coaches)

  • B Team (for sharing to the entire B team)

Step 3:

Your newly created group will appear here in the list. If you wish to share to this group, you will first need to add your user as a group member

Group Administration

In the above list, you can see all groups you are a member of and groups you are not a member of

Step 1:

Click on the group you wish to administer

Step 2:

This is the group administration page. Here you can:

  1. Add members

  2. Edit the group name

  3. Delete the group entirely

  4. See members in the group and remove them by selecting the check box next to a user and clicking 'Remove'

Add Users to Many Groups at Once

Step 1:

Navigate to the 'Members' tab > 'Members' sub-tab and click the user you wish to add to multiple groups

Step 2:

Open the 'Groups' drop down and select all groups you wish to add the user to via the check boxes

Step 3:

Once happy with your collection, click Save. This user will now be added to all selected groups

Have further questions about Groups in Spiideo Perform? Reach out to support via the chat!

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