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Roles and Permissions in Perform

How permissions for admins, users, groups, and scenes work in Spiideo Perform

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Understanding the roles of different member types, how permissions are granted and who can grant permissions is important for ensuring effective use of your Spiideo Perform account. Read this article to understand how our roles and permissions work.

What is an Account?

Your account provides access to Spiideo Perform and contains all of your:

  • Administrators

  • Users

  • Recordings

  • Scenes

At the top of the Spiideo Perform account are account administrators. Admins have control of all the previously mentioned items within the account, as seen below:

The account name is the name of your team/organization and can be chosen by you. This can be found in the left hand column:


Administrators have full control/access over the account and can do the following:

  • Groups: Admins can create new groups, delete groups, add/remove members of groups

  • Scenes: Admins can grant recording access, scene maintenance and camera view

  • Quotas: Admins can view quota usage and purchase quota addons

  • Members: Admins can add/remove other Admins and users

  • Recordings: Admins can view, share and delete all recordings

Options available exclusively to administrators:


A Spiideo user is anyone that has created a personal Spiideo user. Users need to be added to an team/organization account by an administrator before getting access to any content.

  • Users only have access to content shared to them or that they created

  • Users cannot perform administrator tasks

  • Users can create recordings if granted recording access

  • Users can create Presentations, Clip Collections and use Data Explorer

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