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Create and Manage Folders

How to create and then manage your folders in Spiideo Perform

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How to Create Folders

Step 1: To create a folder, you should first navigate to the recordings tab. Then you can click the '+ New' button and select 'New folder'

Step 2: Here you can choose the name of your folder, this can also be edited later

Once created, the folder will appear at the top of your page

Create a Sub-Folder

Enter the folder you wish the sub-folder to be contained in. Once in the folder, follow the same steps by clicking '+ New' and creating your sub-folder

Manage your Folders

The following are options available to manage created folders and move recordings to folders

Rename and Delete Folders

You can rename or delete folders at any time via the '3-dots' menu next to the folder name

Please note: when deleting a folder, you will delete all recordings and sub-folders contained within. You will be warned of this before deleting

Move Recordings to Folders

Step 1: Click the '3-dots' menu on the recording tile and select 'Move to folder'

Step 2: Select from all folders available to move your recording to

Step 3: See the folder pathway for where your recording will be moved to and a list of all other folders/recordings contained in the folder. Click 'Move' to finalise the action

Move Multiple Recordings at Once

Click 'Select many'. You can then click the tile of each recording you wish to move and once happy with your selection, click 'Move' to select the folder destination

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