Using highlight clips it will be super easy to use your video material after a broadcast has ended. Sharing it with viewers on social media is just one use case for that. This is how the feature works.

  1. Producing highlights

  2. Working with those clips

Producing Highlights with CloudStudio (ON and OFF site)

Highlight with CloudStudio Anywhere while off site

From now on, the CloudStudio operator can create highlight clips with one click during the game, no matter ON or OFF site. The clip will be added to the Highlight Reels* where it will be stored in one reel with all highlights from that broadcast.

Highlight Reels allow you to organize, view and download selected highlights. Add highlights to a reel by clicking the highlight button in CloudStudio during a live broadcast

Working with Highlights

When creating a highlight, a stand-alone clip of 12 seconds will be created. All highlights of a broadcast will be available within the Spiideo Play account. The clip can be viewed with Spiideo's different autofollow options as well as watched while panning and zooming into the video clip.

Additional options are:

  • edit the name of the clip

  • edit the length of the clip

  • change the order of the clips

  • download all the clips as one file

Finally, the entire reel with all highlights can be downloaded as an MP4 file including all overlays such as sponsors and the scoreboard.

💁 We will add further functionally in the future. In case you have questions about the new feature contact our support team.

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