Game Highlights

Highlights enables you to share specific moments of games broadcasted with Spiideo to your audience

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Highlights are a great way to save the most important events of a game and publish on social media to share with your audience.


1. Creating Highlights During a Broadcast

From CloudStudio (both ON or OFF site) you can easily create highlights for a live broadcast. Once in CloudStudio, you can watch along as the game unfolds. When a moment happens worthy of a highlight, click the following:

This will create a highlight clip that:

  • The clip will be 12 seconds long

  • 6 seconds before you click the button

  • 6 seconds after you click the button

  • Can be edited after the game (See here)

2. Creating Highlights After the Broadcast

You can create a highlight reel at any time after a broadcast has finished. To do so, navigate to the broadcasts tab, filter by past broadcasts and select the broadcast you wish:

Once open, you can start adding highlights by pressing '+ Add new Highlight' in the bottom right:

This will take you to a replay of the broadcast to watch through. When an important moment happens, press '+ Add new Highlight' to create a highlight:

This will create a highlight clip that:

  • The clip will be 12 seconds long

  • 6 seconds before you click the button

  • 6 seconds after you click the button

  • Can be edited after the game (See here)

You can see all your highlights along the timeline and in the Highlights main menu when you click 'Close'.

3. Edit & Download Highlights

When all your highlights are created, you can edit and download your highlight reel to share with your audience.

a. Editing Highlights Individually

Select the highlight you wish to adjust the length of and click 'Edit':

Here you can adjust the length of your Highlight by:

  • Dragging the slider on the timeline

  • Typing a time value

  • Click 'Save' once the duration is set

See here:

b. Bulk Editing Highlights

To adjust the length of multiple highlights at a time, you can bulk edit. Select the highlights you wish to edit, then the clips drop down and 'Edit selection':

You can then adjust the start and stop time for all clips via this menu:

Once you're happy with the length of your clip, click 'Save'.

c. Highlight States

When working with highlights on a large scale, it's important to keep track of which highlights you are working with, and which have already been edited or quality checked. To help with that, there are three states of which a highlight can be

  1. Pending

    • Default state, meaning that nothing has been altered with or checked

  2. In progress

    • Meaning that someone is working with that highlight at the moment

  3. Completed

    • Meaning it's quality checked that the highlight captures the relevant action and that it's ready to be downloaded

d. Downloading your Highlight Reel

When you're happy with the way the highlight reel looks, it's time to download the highlights from Spiideo Play:

Here, you:

  1. Click the Download button

  2. Click 'Create download'

  3. Add intro & outro video [optional] and select Generate Download

Your Intros and Outros are videos that are uploaded to 'Video Overlays' section, you can read more about that here.

After a few minutes, the video should be processed and ready to be downloaded locally to your device

💡 PRO TIP: Use that highlight reel to promote your
next game that you will be streaming!

NOTE: The download feature is only available for clubs and organizations with a Spiideo Play Full Plus subscription. Read more about the different subscriptions here!

Feel free to reach out to the Spiideo Support team
if you have any questions regarding this

Support chat is found here 👉

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