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Pay-per Download

Enable viewers to download their favourite broadcasts and earn further revenue

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Pay-per Download allows you to provide a purchasable download of your Spiideo Play broadcast to your viewers. Viewers can then either purchase the livestream, purchase the download or both to choose how they enjoy your broadcast. Enabled for all Spiideo Play accounts, the revenue share for Pay-per Download will match the current revenue share for games and packages on your account.


1. Enable Pay-per Download on a Broadcast

The enabling of Pay-per Download can be done:

  • When scheduling your broadcast

  • During your broadcast, via edit

  • After the broadcast is complete, via edit

To do so, begin creating/editing your broadcast and navigate to Step 4:

Here you can:

  • Toggle on Pay-per Download

  • Select price (Minimum price is preset for your account)

  • Choose for the livestream to be free and a price for Pay-per Download

Complete the broadcast creation to enable Pay-per Download on this broadcast.

2. See your Pay-per Download Sales

There are two ways you can view your Pay-per Download Sales, they are as followed.

a. View by Game

Navigate to the game you wish to check check via the 'Broadcasts' tab. On the game monitor page, you can see Pay-per Download sales here:

b. Account-wide View

Navigate to the 'Insights' tab in the left handle column of Spiideo Play. This will display the following:

Here you can:

  1. Download a local output as a CSV file

  2. Search by Broadcast/Package name

  3. Filter by time frame

  4. See date of purchase

  5. Name of game

  6. Type of purchase (Pay-per Download or view only)

  7. Price paid

  8. Transaction status (Purchased or Refunded)

  9. Payment method (Card or voucher)

  10. Order ID

3. What it Looks like for the Viewer

Your viewers will see a screen similar to the following when accessing the link to your broadcast:

Viewers will have the option to:

  • Pay to watch

  • and/or download

and can do so by signing into their account and purchasing their preferred option.

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