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Organise your tags with Clip Collections
Organise your tags with Clip Collections

Clip Collections are folders for specific tags. You can share these clip collections with other members of your organisation via groups.

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This article will show you how Clip Collections work.

What are Clips or Smart Clip Collections?

ℹ️ Smart Clip Collections automatically collect tags from any of the recordings you have access to.

Step 1

You can create a New Smart Clip Collection to filter for specific ones in order to organise your video material.

Step 2

Each collection is generated from the set of filters and tag search criteria that the user defines. Then the matching clips are automatically added to the clip collection (also works for live recordings).

Step 3

You can then play these clips in a sequence, analyze them from different angles in virtual panorama, create drawings, send them to a presentation etc.

💡TIP: If you are looking to customize and present clips to your team with drawing tools, text overlays, etc. then it's best to create a Presentation vs. Clip Collection from these clips.

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