Tagging with Apple Watch

Tag up to three tags using the Apple Watch. It works well together with the calendar, which starts and stops a recording automatically.

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The Apple Watch is a great device to make live-tagging easy no matter how much you are involved with coaching a team during a practice session or a match. This is how it works.

Apple Watch - The Setup

The Apple Watch is compatible with iPhone 5s or later iPhone models. In order to use it with the Spiideo app, the Apple Watch OS version 2.2 is required.

Install the app and pair the watch with your device

Begin with installing the Spiideo app on your iPhone. As a next step, pair the phone with your watch. Follow this link to read more about this step.

Configure the watch

  • Shut down passcode while using it

  • Configure so that the latest used app is visible every time the screen of your watch lights up

Live-Tagging with the Apple Watch

To use the watch for tagging, follow these steps:

  1. Start a recording with the app on your iPhone

  2. Open the Spiideo app on your Apple Watch and create tags

Note: Tags can be created as long as the recording is active

You can use three tags to tag with your Apple Watch. As soon as your Apple Watch is in contact with your iPhone, the tags will be uploaded to your recording.

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