Spiideo is a powerful tool to live stream all your sports events without any camera operator. You can earn revenue from Pay-per-view and promoted sponsors and add additional value to the viewing experience with CloudStudio.

This article explains how the images captured by your camera system can be streamed with external streaming providers such as Youtube, Vimeo or similar using Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP).

ℹ️ After your camera system has been installed and Spiideo Play account has been activated, you can take the following steps to start live-streaming with Youtube for example:

  1. Verify your YouTube account

  2. Enable live streaming via the channel features page

  3. Create a new broadcast within Spiideo Play

  4. What can possibly go wrong?

Verify your YouTube account

💁 Note: Live streaming is disabled on new YouTube channels by default. It’s a simple process to enable it and start streaming.

How to verify your Youtube account?

Select your country, preferred verification code delivery method, and enter the number of a mobile phone you have access to. Punch in the six-digit verification code when you get it to verify your account.

Enable live streaming via the channel features page

Open the YouTube Studio live events page, or the Live Control Room to edit the live stream. It may take Youtube 24 hours to activate live streaming on your account.

Where do I find the Stream URL and Stream Key?

Open the stream settings ...

... and use the Stream Key and Stream URL provided by the external streaming provider.

Create a new Broadcast with Spiideo Play

Within your Spiideo Play account, you can create a new broadcast and select External streaming provider to stream with RTMP to your Youtube channel.

By entering the Stream URL and Stream Key the images will be sent to Youtube to go live.

What can possibly go wrong?

A broadcast has been scheduled but it won't show up on the external streaming channel

  • Verify whether your external streaming provider has activated your channel

  • Check the event details (date, time) to ensure this information is consistent on both services

  • Make sure you use a unique stream key for each event

ℹ️ Note: Overlapping broadcasts will not work when using the same Stream Key (each game requires its own key)

What happens when the stream settings need to be changed?

The stream URL and stream key can be changed before the event starts or while it is ongoing by editing the External Service settings.

ℹ️ Note: changing the settings will require the system to restart the stream. This may take a few moments before the changes appear on your external streaming provider.

Are the cameras currently online or offline?

Open CloudControl because it provides a real-time, holistic overview of all of your Spiideo camera systems. You can think of this as the mission control for sports broadcasters👩‍🚀

ℹ️ Note: It is possible to add an email address to receive automated email notifications for ALL scenes when they go offline.

In case your stream is still not working contact our support team by using the chat or sending an email to support@spiideo.com.

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