Live Broadcast Alerts

Get a fast overview of the health for all your Spiideo Play broadcasts,

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Live Broadcast Alerts allow you to see the current health for all of your ongoing broadcasts. Via the Broadcasts tab, we display live updates for:

  • Upload speed from cameras

  • Status of production within Spiideo's cloud

  • Status of production of stream to external platform (For RTMP or SRT productions)

Stream status information is updated every minute automatically.

NOTE: This feature is available for Spiideo Play Pro customers

Where to access:

When broadcasts are live, navigate to your 'Broadcasts' tab in Spiideo Play:

Here you can see all broadcasts and view their health via the 'Status' column.

Broadcast Status Explained:

We list the following to display the health of your broadcast:

  • Green - Broadcast is healthy

  • Orange - Broadcast has a problem (requires attention)

  • Grey - Spiideo cannot gather information on broadcast

By hovering over the status symbol for each broadcast, you can get a quick preview of what is wrong with the ongoing broadcast:

The purpose of these warnings are as followed:

  • Camera upload:

    • This means the speed received by your cameras does not meet the required speed for live upload. Footage is being delayed in the cameras

    • You should investigate on the camera's local network to try and increase available bandwidth

  • Spiideo production:

    • The production of the broadcast in Spiideo's cloud is delayed, causing a delay in the broadcast arriving to viewers

    • This can be caused by slow upload from cameras

    • You should contact Spiideo support if no footage is being received by viewers, or if video is constantly buffering

  • External broadcast:

    • The production of the stream to your external broadcasting platform is delayed/not being received

    • This can be caused by slow upload from cameras, delay in processing within Spiideo's cloud or incorrect RTMP/SRT information

    • You should check the RTMP/SRT information and camera upload status

Tips when using:

You can view the total number of broadcasts that require attention via the button in the top right corner:

Toggling this button will filter all broadcasts that require attention to the top of the list to give you quick access to where your actions are needed most.

By clicking on the status alert, you will be taken into the Broadcast page:

Here you can check the Broadcast Monitoring Tool for further information and steps in troubleshooting your broadcast.

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