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Speed Test your Spiideo Play Arenas
Speed Test your Spiideo Play Arenas

Learn how to test the network speed at your scenes before an important Spiideo Play broadcast

Updated over a week ago

It is important that the network speed to your cameras is sufficient to ensure a steady broadcast without interruptions. To do this, you can speed test your scenes in Spiideo Play

How to Run a Speed Test

Step 1: In Spiideo Play, navigate to the CloudControl tab > Click on the scene you wish to speed test

Step 2: Click 'Scene Speed Test' at the top of the page and then 'Start'

The speed test will begin and run until it receives an accurate reading

Step 3:Your test results will show the average speed for your entire scene (all cameras) as well as a status of: 'Good', 'Sub-optimal' or 'Bad'.

Our Recommendations

For the best experience, we suggest you speed test your scenes:

  • A week before a broadcast

  • The day of a broadcast

If you receive a status below 'Good', it is important that you improve the network speed to your cameras to ensure you have a consistently live broadcast. For this, you will need to supply at least 15mbps per camera on a scene

Do you have further questions about speed testing or network speeds? Reach out to our support via the chat!

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