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How to connect your ethernet cables to the camera

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After mounting the camera system in its final position the next thing to do is to connect the ethernet cable and verify the cameras come online and connect to the Spiideo cloud. In case you have completed the Dry Run before, this task won't take much time to complete.

Connect the waterproof ethernet coupler

1. Attach the Ethernet cable to the female RJ45 connection and then screw on the barrel.

2. Attach the grommet over the cable and slide it into the barrel until it is a flush fit.

3. Screw on the endcap but do not overtighten.

Important note: failure to install these can result in warranty avoidance.

Open the installer link to verify you see the cameras' images

On the installer link, you will see the live images from the cameras on your screen. If not, double-check the switch, cables or the whether the firewall settings are correct.

Find more help by reading the camera offline troubleshooting article.

Your next step is to aim the cameras


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