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Best practice and troubleshooting for RTSP
Best practice and troubleshooting for RTSP

Best practice and troubleshooting when using RTSP

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Best Practice

We recommend the following additions to add extra value to your use of our two RTSP feed options:

Employ both CloudLink RTSP and Raw Feed RTSP

For customers with multi-angle scenes (Sideline Virtual Panorama cameras + Goal Cameras), you can open all feeds at the same time. In the above scenario you could:

  • CloudLink RTSP connect from the Virtual Panorama cameras

  • Connect the raw feed RTSP from each goal camera

  • The CloudLink RTSP feed will be approximately 3 seconds behind the raw feed RSTP

  • View your game from multi-angles, all at once, live!

Having both the CloudLink RTSP feed open and your goal camera feed allows for a complete tactical overview:

Troubleshooting Questions and Answers

Read here for common questions/problems and how to solve

a. CloudLink RTSP

Q: I enter the CloudLink URL into Sportscode but it fails to load. What is wrong?

A: Newer versions of Sportscode have a setting that does not support the CloudLink RTSP feed, called 'Enhanced Capture'. To disable this, go to Sportscode settings > Capture > Check 'Disable Enhanced Capture':

A Cont.: If you still do not receive a feed, please check that you are receiving a camera feed in Spiideo Perform.

Q: I start CloudLink recordings on multiple scenes at once and some do not load quickly when fed into my external program. Why is this?
A: Multiple CloudLink sessions at one time can create a small delay which can last up to 15 minutes. Please be patient and reach out to Spiideo support if you're concerned

Q: My CloudLink feed is constantly freezing. Do you know why?
A: We require a steady 30mbps per camera on the scene. We also require a limited amount of packet loss during upload to ensure steady video. If you are experiencing these issues and would like Spiideo to provide some diagnostics, please reach out to support

Q: Where do I find the button to get my CloudLink URL?

A: Please refer to Step 3 in the CloudLink User guide here

b. Raw Feed RTSP

Q: I am not receiving a feed from my cameras in my external program. What is wrong?

A: First check you are receiving a feed from the cameras in Spiideo Perform. Then, check you are on the same network as the cameras

Q: The camera is not moving at all, what do I do?
A: Our raw feed RTSP is the raw camera feed without AutoFollow or further processing. If you are looking for RTSP with AutoFollow, please read more about our Cloudlink feature here!

Has your question not been answered from the above information? Please reach out to Support via the chat in the bottom right corner.

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